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About DMAOnline

Published Apr 19, 2015

About the project

DMAOnline is a Jisc funded project by Lancaster University, with support from University of Lincoln, University of Nottingham, and University of Birmingham, and University of St. Andrews as part of the Research Data Spring initiative.

Executive Summary

While a lot of focus is given to research data management activities for researchers, the key component of research data administration analytics for managers and administrators is often overlooked. As RDM is typically a cross-departmental initiative (e.g. Library, Research and Enterprise Offices, IT services, etc), a single dashboard view of how these departments contribute to RDM activities is crucial.

DMAOnline will provide a dashboard solution that can harvest data from various sources, including RIM/CRIS systems, repositories (EPrints, DSpace, Hydra), IT services storage space allocation, DMP creation statistics (per month/year, per faculty/department, per funding council), typical dataset sizes (per faculty/department), internal vs external repository usage, etc. This solution has the potential to scale very well and solve multiple real-life use cases while providing a factual way of creating and establishing on going business cases for RDM.

In the first phase of the project, we are looking to prove the feasibility of project, document various problematic use cases that DMAOnline will provide a solution for, and develop a very initial proof-of-concept prototype.

DMAOnline will be an online, platform independent and scalable dashboard solution with a plug-n-play architecture for data sources. DMAOnline will be able to provide all your Research Data Management (RDM) information in a single place. We believe that a solution like DMAOnline can play a significant role in providing a central and core interface to identify upcoming needs, develop ongoing business cases, and report compliance amongst many other uses. Furthermore, DMAOnline will be able to visualise complex and disparate research data information in way that it can be understood and processed by research administrators and HEI management.

In the long-term, we believe that DMAOnline has the potential to be a sector wide dashboard solution that can be extended beyond RDM and used by any HEI easily.

Mock Dashboard

An initial mock dashboard for DMAOnline may look like:

Mock dashboard

Mock dashboard

A mock dashboard for DMAOnline