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Event Details - RDM - solutions for your needs

Published Jun 23, 2015 in blog

Event Details - RDM - solutions for your needs

On 22nd June 2015, Lancaster University hosted a workshop titled “Research Data Management – solutions for your needs”.

The original idea behind the event was to allow us to gather market feasibility for our DMAOnline project. However, with the short deadlines of Research Data Spring (RDS) projects, we thought we will combine our event with presentations from other RDS projects. This allowed us to host an event where four different RDS projects presented their progress and sought feedback from the audience so that the solutions developed meet the needs of the end users.

The day started with a pre-event informal discussion between Lancaster University, University of York, and DMPOnline team member(s). The key aim was to identify synergies between various projects and link them together wherever possible. This pre-event meeting was really successful and allowed a key use case for DMAOnline from University of York’s Filling the Digital Preservation Gap project. In addition, the importance of linking parts of DMAOnline with future DMPOnline API became apparent, and it was clear that we will have to work together to get this accomplished in a short amount of time.

The event itself comprised of four presentations preceded by introduction to the event by Masud Khokhar of Lancaster University and introduction to Research Data Spring by Daniela Duca of Jisc. The four projects that presented were:

The presentations were followed by breakout groups where audience was given chance to speak to two of their preferred projects and provide valuable feedback. DMAOnline received positive feedback from 11 different institutions, including institutions who would contribute to DMAOnline by providing further use cases as well as institutions who would like to be early adopters. This is really promising for the future of DMAOnline.

Another opportunity to highlight DMAOnline and gather its value will be at the DMPOnline API user group meeting which will be held shortly. I am hoping I can show the draft DMAOnline dashboard there and seek further feedback.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Masud Khokhar   Daniela Duca
Jenny Mitcham   Audience
Jenny Mitcham   Audience
John Krug and Hardy Schwamm   Audience
Joy Davidson   Breakout groups
Breakout groups   Breakout groups

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Research Data Management - solutions for your needs

This event brings together several projects from the Jisc Research Data Spring (RDS) initiative, working on solutions for RDM problems.

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