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DMAOnline - Phase II pitch

Published Jul 13, 2015 in blog

DMAOnline - Phase II pitch

Today, John, Hardy and I attended the first day of the second sandpit workshop for Jisc #dataspring initiative. We are discussing the progress that we have made with Phase I of the DMAOnline project, but also pitching for the second phase of funding. We have received, once again, really positive feedback from various institutions on our project which keeps us optimistic for Phase II and hopefully phase III funding.

We are going to do a 4 minute pitch tomorrow for phase II funding. For this, we will use a small set of slides and will focus as much on the prototype dashboard as much possible. The short and the full version of the slides as well as the live dashboard are as below:

Short version of slides

Full version of slides

Prototype dashboard

Available here

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Linking DMPOnline API development with DMAOnline

This post describes the discussion in relation to DMAOnline that was held at the DMPOnline API user group meeting in London.

Published Jul 3, 2015 in blog