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Presenting DMAOnline at the UK Pure User Group

Published Oct 2, 2015 in blog

Presenting DMAOnline at the UK Pure User Group

I recently presented on DMAOnline at the UK Pure User Group. Considering that most of the work that we have done with DMAOnline is with information harvested from Pure, it was important that we showcase this to the wider Pure audience and get their viewpoint in the development of DMAOnline further. It was also a great opportunity for us to raise the issues that currently exist with Pure interoperability and bring these concerns to the attention of Elsevier who were also sitting in the same room.

The presentation went really well, you can see the slides here or below.

DMAOnline and Mint - Pure User Group from Masud Khokhar

The key focus of the presentation was on what DMAOnline is, what it offers, how does it link with Pure, key interoperability links (including DMPOnline, EPrints, Archivematica, and CSVs to name a few), and the fact that it is open source and collaborative. Afterwards, a lot of interest was garnered by the attendees who were extremely interested in the incorporation of Pure data into DMAOnline and the need for such a tool. A lot of interest was also raised on better interoperability of Pure with other products, which then turned into an excellent opportunity for leading an Interoperability working group for UK Pure User Group. I will be leading on this, forming this group and making sure Elsevier is provided details on where we, as users, believe interoperability may be an issue, including with DMAOnline.

Elsevier also took a liking for how Pure data was used in external tools. The following tweet from Claus Nyhus highlighted this.

In the next couple of months, we will ensure that we continue to develop DMAOnline further, while also being in a dialogue with vendors to get the other products further developed from an interoperability point of view, i.e. Archivematica, Pure and DMPOnline.

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DMAOnline discussion at the UCISA CISG Research Systems seminar

Discussion on DMAOnline at the UCISA CISG Research Systems seminar, including further interest from UK universities.

Published Sep 24, 2015 in blog