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Data Vault Community Engagement event in Manchester

Published Oct 8, 2015 in blog

Data Vault Community Engagement event in Manchester

On Wednesday, 7 October we were invited to the University of Manchester to get an update of the Data Vault project which is a joint University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester and part of the JISC Data Spring.

Apart from a demo of the latest iteration of the Data Vault (which worked well with over 20 test users!) we had interesting discussions about where a system like the Data Vault can sit in a researchers workflow, what metadata is required, how Data Vaults can be tied in with funder policies and what roles and responsibilities stakeholder need to have.

There was also the opportunity to talk about the progress of DMAOnline and the possibility to include information about Data Vaults in our dashboard. Something to think about for Phase 3!

The Community Engagement workshop is repeated in Edinburgh on the 5th November and we recommend registering!

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Presenting DMAOnline at the UK Pure User Group

Presenting DMAOnline to the UK Pure User Group, including indications of where the interoperability issues currently exist between Pure and DMAOnline.

Published Oct 2, 2015 in blog